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1 – How long do repairs take?

Depending on the chair Issue. Things like replacement gas springs usually can be repaired onsite. If parts are required, it usually takes 24 to 48hrs or within a week or two for re upholstery depending on fabric availability.

2 – Do we give free advice on chair repair problems?

Yes, email us anytime and we will give you an answer promptly. Re-Chair has over 7yrs experience in new chair manufacturing and repairs. As repairing is a great cost effective solution, you will need to assess if the chair is worth the cost.

3 – What is the cost of repairing?

The repair issues can vary so pricing is varied. Most chairs repairs can begin at $30 and sometimes average around $60 per chair, which is a fraction of the cost of new. Although, it is far more cost effective if you choose to repair a multiple quantity at the same time, so make that list.

4 – How long is the warranty?

Our gas lifts come with a 2 yr warranty while our other repairs come with a full 12months parts and labour guarantee.

5 – How do I get my chair to you?

You don’t, we come and fix it on site, we offer a full pick up and delivery service anywhere in Melbourne metro area.

6 – What about cleaning them?

We all spring clean our carpets an upholstery at home and in the car, the office should be just as important. Using the Dry cleaning method cleaning the upholstry on office chairs is a great way to keep them looking good, extending the life and benefit from a clean and sanitised office environment.

7 – What if I need a loaner?

Just inform Re-chair when making the chair repair enquiry that you may require a loan chair or more, and they will be delivered to you when repair is carried out.

8 – How often do you need to steam clean and why?

Usually every 9 to 12 months depending on time spent on the chair A regular steam clean will take away stains, scum and build up and fabric will last much longer .(And everyone loves a clean chair) With small quantities, they can be taken away for cleaning while bigger cleaning job can be done onsite and we can even offer to come after hours, weekends so there are no disrutptions and they will be dry by morning.

9 – Can we give advice on chair repair problems?

Yes. You can call or email anytime and we can give you an answers and advise on any seating issues. Most Ergonomic seating in the corporate environment were carefully selected when purchased new, which means they of reasonable to superior quality and have interchangeable components that are replaceable and readily available.

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